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NewVision Distribution Software combines the best of today's technology with the "must have" features required by the distribution industry.



NewVision Distribution Software combines the best of today's technology with the "must have" features required by the distribution industry. The result is an Enterprise (ERP) distribution software product that far exceeds the competition in technology, utility and  usability.

NewVision is designed specifically for medium-sized distribution companies seeking a single software solution to help increase productivity and margin levels.  It delivers integrated functionality to support your business for: 

NewVision is easy to customize and simple to use and maintain.  With its open development environment and feature rich application areas, NewVision makes it easy to speed up decision making, so you can respond more rapidly to new competitive challenges and seize new market opportunities.  

Your employees will be able to quickly and easily navigate their way to details on everything from inventory levels and item usage, to sales orders and marketing campaigns, all in one single secure database.  Information entered into the system in one application area is simultaneously available for use in other application areas, so you can optimize business processes and leverage corporate knowledge.

From financial management and CRM, to advanced supply chain management and e-business, NewVision brings together an unparalleled array of functionality and features so you can capture, organize, share and leverage critical business information across your company, as well as with key partners.  

NewVision empowers you to do more with your business information, so you can reach an even higher level of business success.  With NewVision we take care of the technology so you can take care of business.

System Wide Functionality

System Granules
NewVision Distribution Software is a scalable solution that consists of modules and granules within those modules. This segmentation offers you the maximum flexibility and allows you to purchase precisely the functionality that you need to fit the requirements of your business. As your business model changes and you develop the need for additional functionality you simply purchase the required granules.

Basic Dimensions adds two additional dimensions to the general ledger and to any of the other ledgers in NewVision.  You can assign dimension codes to each transaction that involves a general ledger account, customer, vendor, fixed asset, or inventory item.  In addition, you may define default dimension values and rules for the default values for all account types (G/L, customer, vendor, item, etc).  This feature lets you easily add dimensions to all transactions.  Examples for use of this functionality would be to identify projects, profit centers, regions, etc.

Dimensions (Enlarge)

Advanced Dimensions gives you an unlimited number of dimensions to use in transactions in all ledgers. In addition to an unlimited number of dimensions, you get advanced dimension capability that allows you to:

  • Set up rules for how to combine dimensions and dimension values. This will assist you in controlling the use of dimensions and make output based on dimensions extremely reliable.

  • Set up rules for prioritization of default values. This gives you the possibility to define dimension rules to fit your specific business processes.

  • Set up and use analysis views. In analysis views you can analyze general ledger transactions per dimension and combine dimensions as you require.

The security features are a function of the NewVision database. User IDs and passwords control access to each table, window, menu, and function of NewVision. Users can be assigned to customized menus and windows to provide each user with only the functions necessary for his or her job. Security has two levels. User IDs and passwords gives you control of access to the solution, and gives all designated users full permission. User Permissions and Control is an advanced and detailed system for assigning and limiting user permissions. It requires the configuration of user IDs and passwords.

Multiple Languages
Multiple Languages enables the user to switch language on the client in real time provided that the language is available in the program.

Multiple Document Languages allows you to set up alternative descriptions of your inventory items and to print reports in multiple languages (for example, you can create invoices in the receiver’s language). The descriptions can be linked to individual customers as well, which is especially useful for sales in foreign countries. The alternative item descriptions are automatically selected through the Sales Order and Purchase Order options.

Multi-Currency makes it possible to manage multiple currencies throughout the system including payables and receivables, general ledger reports, resource and inventory items, and bank accounts. Currency conversion is performed according to exchange rates that are stored and maintained in the exchange rate table. You can transact business in any number of currencies for any customer and vendor. For example, companies can issue an invoice in one currency and accept payment for that invoice in a different currency.

Reason Codes
This feature lets you define a set of reason codes which can be assigned to individual transactions throughout the system. This provides for an analysis tool to be able to determine, for example, reasons for lost sales and quotes, or reasons for returns.

Designer Granules
The three Designer Granules, Table, Form, and Report and Dataport Designer, give you unparalleled flexibility to make changes and modifications to the NewVision Software. The changes made through these Designer granules are made at the object level ensuring the ongoing integrity of your system. With the capability of making many of your own changes you can continue to “fit” the software to your changing business needs and reduce the long-term cost of ownership.

Table Designer
The Table Designer allows you to change existing table definitions or add new fields to existing tables and create new tables to store data specific to your requirements. Also, you can create new keys for sorting information in new ways, and you can change or create new flow fields and flow filters for “slicing and dicing” information in new ways.

Form Designer
With the Form Designer you can change existing forms; remove data fields currently on the form, add new data fields, or move them to another location on the form. You can match the data entry screens with input data forms or create custom screens by user for field level security.

Report and Dataport Designer
This granule allows you to change existing Reports and Dataports or create new ones. You can create new reports through a “Reports Wizard” or copy an existing report to use as a starting point. Every report in NewVision is created using this tool, and therefore can be easily customized.

Dataports are used by the system for importing and exporting data. You can, for example, create a dataport to export data from the NewVision system to an Excel spreadsheet or to any other file.






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